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the view, looking south to the sea, from Maitland St.


Hello and welcome to our kitchen! 

I'm a 20-something lady (G). I flat with another 20-something lady (J); and other occasional flatmates and friends, in a house on a hill of Dunedin: the best kept secret of New Zealand's South Island. Dunedin is a city, but a small one, where you can drive by car for less than 15 minutes and be in farmland, or at a multitude of beaches, or at the top of two quite large hills with views. We like it here, you might too.

J and I have day jobs that sometimes keep us busy all day and (almost) all night. In those inevitably full weeks we sometimes need a little inspiration to cook good meals each night. Nobody's perfect, and we're no exception. Sometimes dinners at Maitland are muesli and milk, jam on toast, and a boiled egg. This blog was born out of a mutual resolution, mid 2012, to cook more often, and serves as a record -  a catalogue of recipes that we create and imagine in our kitchen. Sometimes they're from a recipe book - particularly partial to anything by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Sometimes they're bits and pieces of multiple google search results. Other times they are the result of kitchen free-styling (sometimes risky). More often than not, our meals are a success, though you will find evidence or perhaps quiet allusions to failures. 

We are committed to eating as ethically as possible. We care a lot about the impact and effect of our food choices on the environment and on our bodies, and try to minimise our footprint as much as we can. That means food at Maitland is primarily organic and locally sourced. Most of our recipes are vegetarian. We're lucky to be able to drink raw milk/yoghurt from a local, trusted source. We compost, and J maintains a worm farm as well as cultivating the garden - it produces food all year round.

We make these choices with our food. You might too. But you might not, for whatever reason, and we will respect that. That's why you won't find recipe ingredients labelled as organic - because that's up to you.

You'll also find monthly playlists here, collections of songs we've been listening to whilst making, baking, or washing the dishes. You can read a bit more about our kitchen here. We hope you'll stay awhile...