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April 26, 2014

apple pie where my body's made of lead | april already?!

carey's bay dinner (fish burgers from the port fish supply) view, late March 2014

I did not plan on a hiatus - and nor do I apologise for it. Sometimes real life demands attention and for me, blogging is an indulgence I allow myself. It's also a funny thing, blogging; writing things and not really being sure of who reads and who doesn't; and I'm pretty much anti-labelling anything about myself to the point of absurdity..

What I'm trying to say is that things at Maitland are trucking along well. We've had visitors; people have moved in and out from below and above... My supervisor casually said a while ago "you know Maitland St sometimes sounds like a soap opera." and I grew up with Coronation St loving parents (ey Dad!) so I understood the comparison.

I'm thankful now for colder weather, slower songs, and being gentle on myself. Hope you're well, wherever you're reading this from.

title from apple pie bed - lawrence arabia