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November 10, 2013

restlessness is me | part 1 - paris

A few of my favourites from September in Paris:

1. A well-known intersection close to the Sorbonne in central Paris.
2. Central Eaubonne, one of Paris' northern suburbs.
3. Gargoyles from the top of Notre Dame.
4. Parisien school children on their lunch break, wearing high-vis while playing by the Canal Saint-Martin.
5. Travelling upwards by canal, making rainbows.
6. Bassin de la Villette.
7. The amazing roof of a ridiculously expensive department store.
8. "Gepetto et velos" - a shop in Jussieu.
9. A stormy, thundery morning under la tour Eiffel.
10. A boy enjoying the view.
11. Late summer berries - a treat to see redcurrants in September!

I'm sorry for the lack of recipes - later this week I'll be writing about an easy Sunday night dinner involving three of my favourite things - haloumi, mint, and almonds.

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title from ane brun - changing of the seasons (worth a listen)


  1. So jealous! These are beautiful!

  2. september in paris sounds just about perfect.

  3. I love the rainbows on the canal! What wonderful pictures. X Jane

  4. so stunning, i love the black and white shot of the children, can't wait to see more, xx j