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February 24, 2013

you have the sun, I have the moon | life and a playlist

Hello there, it's been a while! In between a misplaced camera cord, cut off internet, and a full schedule something's got to give and as it turns out, blogging here has taken a turn on the back burner. That's ok, because I uploaded my pictures and was reminded of all the delicious things we've consumed over the past weeks, things to share.

1. When I'm feeling overwhelmed with work I turn to pictures that include the moon: this was the moon rising on Christmas day, in the Wairarapa.
2. I also turn to the piano when I feel overwhelmed. This was a recent opshop sheet music purchase.
3. The last of the experimental redcurrant and raspberry jelly with raw yoghurt. Delicious. As T said "It's like a fruit corner but you control how much of the best fruit bit you get!"
4. People who know me in real life know I'm not much of a morning person: but this Monday morning found me cycling around St Clair at 6:45am, and in the salt water pool by 7am. I'm planning to repeat this tomorrow.
5. Redcurrant and raspberry jam drops, a recipe sent to me by Mum.

Joining in with Em here.


Before it's too late, a February playlist:

1. love to a monster - okkervil river
2. frou-frou foxes in midsummer fires - cocteau twins
3. i have the moon - the magnetic fields
4. little river - tallest man on earth
5. do you remember - the horrors
6. starry eyes - white birds & lemons
7. road, river and rail - cocteau twins
8. human qualities - explosions in the sky
9. true to myself - ziggy marley
10. in time - zero 7
11. diamond ring - pedro the lion
12. cecilia ann - the pixies
13. waltz in a flat (brahms) - piano: ivor kureschy
14. blue monday - nouvelle vague
15. push the sky away - nick cave & the bad seeds
16. sing me spanish techno - the new pornographers
17. magpie to the morning - neko case
18. half dead - the mountain goats
19. hanging high - lykke li
20. set me free - the kinks
21. regrets a paradise - japanese motors
22. i don't know what i can save you from - kings of convenience


And now, dinner has been consumed and I'm making the lovely jay's eggplant pickle, and some more roast apricot jam. All the jars with screw top lids have been utilised, thanks to another batch of jam, some plum chutney made by L and some kasundi made by J earlier in the week. It's that time of year - the end of summer, where evenings are spent stirring summer flavours together to store in jars for the winter. This past week, I've felt autumn on the way. Slightly cooler temperatures at night and in the morning, slightly shorter evenings. Soon all the leaves will turn red and yellow .. soon, and then it'll be winter.


title from the magnetic fields - i have the moon


  1. These are a beautiful set of stills. I find looking up to the moon quite relaxing and I'm like you not much of a morning person but when I do get up early the sites are just beautiful like you captured. I hope your week is a lovely one. x

  2. Oh me too, I can feel Autumn gently sliding over. I kinds love it, actually I love it a lot. Love your post and your pics - as always !

  3. oh how delicious are your pics, such perfect moments captured. I made your Dal Makhini for our curry night the other night, thank you, it was utterly delicious. xx

  4. Those jam drops.... YUM!!! And I adore the early morning sky that you've captured too...
    Ronnie xo

  5. The first photograph is simply beautiful. x

  6. JAM DROPS!!!

    seriously, they look amazing- I can never get them right... recipe?

    go on

    xo em

    1. I will! currently working on that post x