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November 13, 2012

they are only pearls | november 12 playlist

"I hope your hair isn't all mad-scientist-y," my mum says down the phone to me, amongst other things. "No, no," I say, "of course not," partly out of the habit of assuring her and providing the answer she will want to hear, and partly believing it to be true. It isn't until later, brushing my teeth before bed, that I notice my hair in the bathroom mirror and realise just how well Mum knows me, despite living in different cities. I make an appointment for a haircut next week.

November is a bit of a mixed-up month - not summer, not spring; where the weather can drop 10ºC in an afternoon, where heavy showers come out of nowhere. Even today, a solar eclipse and the resulting strange mid-morning faux-twilight that could've simply been imagined, all mixed up. I ate black beans, fennel salad and homemade hummus for lunch and felt better. It makes sense, then, that this is a bit of a mixed-up playlist, a little of everything, some old, some newer, some soft, some slow. Hope you enjoy some if not all! 

1. kno - dying nation
facing a dying nation..listen to the retold lies

2. édith piaf - sous le ciel de paris
sous le ciel de paris s'envole une chanson
elle est née d'aujourd'hui
dans le coeur d'un garçon

3. the lumineers - ho hey
i don't know where i belong
i don't know where i went wrong
but i can write a song

4. rilo kiley - it's a hit
the camera pans back to reveal your true identity
a wolf in sheep's clothing
a smoking gun holding ape

5. cat power - the greatest
and then came
the rush of the flood

6. macklemore & ryan lewis - thrift shop
i wear your grandad's clothes .. i look incredible

7. hanggai - togur jin shan

8. phoenix - rome
could he be waving from a tropical sunset?

9. atmosphere - pour me another
two for the fool trying to pull apart the puzzle

10. iron & wine - each coming night
cause light strikes a deal with each coming night

11. iva lamkum - daggers
born to lead not to follow
I'm warming it up turning in loose

12. i love you but i've chosen darkness - the ghost
the building is virtually black now

13. interpol - obstacle 1
we can find new ways of living

14. irma thomas - time is on my side
you always say
that you want to be free

15. ben howard - keep your head up
I try my best to embrace the darkness
in which I swim

16. johnny cash - hurt
what have I become, my sweetest friend?

17. dub fx - the rain is gone
I could see the all the colours of the trees
they were smiling at me

18. the pixies - where is my mind?
your head will collapse
but there's nothing in it

19. wilco - on and on and on
please don't cry
we're designed to die

20. the rolling stones - fool to cry
and it makes me wonder why?

21. simon & garfunkel - comfort & joy
let nothing you dismay


  1. Nice, I always love when I can get some music selections laid out for me. I also adore fennel, we grew it in the garden this year and I couldn't get enough!

    xo Lilly

    1. thank you! I've only recently discovered fennel - such a unique but delicate flavour isn't it. x

  2. I love how well our mums know us. :)
    Also, these photos are absolutely stunning. They make me feel so calm and serene.
    Ronnie xo

    1. I know; it's quite uncanny sometimes! Thanks too - they are taken on an inherited (from my dad) 1975 film camera - it's completely manual and quite the novelty to shoot on :-) x

    2. Oh wow, slightly jealous over here. I would love to play with an old film camera one day...
      Ronnie xo

  3. hi g, nice to you know... meet you! love the playlist.. few old favourites and some new songs for me to check out, and will be eagerly keeping up with your food delights..nat x