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November 17, 2012

sleep a little more if you want to | peonies and peppermint

There's something special about flowers and tea and extra special when your weekend combines them both. I cut short my Saturday morning sleep in to get to the farmers market early enough, I hoped, to purchase some peonies. When I got there, the woman had just sold her last bunch of closed up tight ones, and had run out of wrapping for them. "You're too late! They've gone!" she said, looking down at the bucket that was still full with already opened ones. "How much for this one...and this one?" I asked, pointing out a couple that were still closed and would probably last out the week in a vase. "They're just so beautiful," I said. She reached down, scooping up the entire bucket of greenery and petals, and said "Take the lot! They're my gift to you." And that was how my empty canvas bag to be filled with vegetables was instead filled with flowers, a huge bunch of peonies hanging out in all directions. 

Weekend lunches are such a flexible meal. They can be brunch things, like pancakes or toast, to more substantial things. I had a craving for mushrooms, so I sliced up bread from the farmers market, cooked some mushrooms in a little butter, added some feta on top and at the last minute, wanting something green, chopped up a little mint. I don't think I've had feta and mint together before - it was delicious.

Continuing with the mint theme, I've been having a quiet day today, putting on loads of washing, sorting, writing, and sipping cups of fresh mint tea. On a whim, I added some chopped fresh ginger - minty, spicy, delicious.

The weekend also involved a delicious vietnamese dinner out, at a place special to me, with friends, where discussions ranged from diving and lung capacities to an intense debate about the inner anatomy of a centaur; and a ride in a refurbished red mini. It's dark and a bit windy here, so I think this evening will involve clean sheets and an early night. Hope your weekend has been lovely too.


title from belle & sebastian - asleep on a sunbeam


  1. What a beautiful way to start your weekend - the kindness of strangers and beauty of gifted blooms. I do love peonies but have never seen them for sale here. Your farmers market sounds wonderful.

    1. yes, she definitely made my day! I paid it forward and gifted them on, to friends, neighbours, people who complimented them.. and even still had enough to fill four vases! A lady who complimented them said they can be difficult to grow, as they need to be well established before they start flowering, and sometimes they only produce a few flowers. The farmer's market is pretty great, it's a good mix of local growers produce and gourmet foods. We're lucky, our city is the perfect position for a good farmers market - a good population with lots of surrounding rural areas. x

  2. wellll helloooooooo perfect life!! ;) sounds like bliss

    xo em

    1. I only speak of the blissful bits here - that's why! x

  3. Nothing better than sipping fresh mint tea on a quiet day pottering around home! And I love a good farmers market, especially when (at my local one)I can buy a huge bag of fresh rocket for just $3.00!!
    Love your pic's G. x

  4. i knew that lyric from your title right when i saw it! the mint tea looks and i bet tastes amazing. such a calming post my lady!

    lindsey louise

  5. you have a interested day..
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