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October 1, 2012

happiness is on this hill | welcome to maitland st

Hello and welcome to Maitland St. kitchen, the spacious centre of our flat in Dunedin, Aotearoa. We are two women in our 20's, G and J, who live together on the upper level of a 1930's complex that looks a bit like a castle from the street, and has a beautiful view of the harbour. Our lounge sometimes functions as a lounge and sometimes as a third bedroom to a variety of friends who visit the city, and also occasionally houses our favourite house-builders and lovely people, T and L. 

Our kitchen is the heart and lungs of our abode, where tea is poured, dinner is prepared, jam is bottled, cakes are baked, food is enjoyed. Over the past winter we've made many a delicious vegetarian feast, and I decided to start this blog as a catalogue of our culinary successes (and failures, though they are fewer!) so that our recipes are easily returned to in subsequent winters. 

We are committed to eating locally, organically and as ethically as possible. We do most of our food shopping at our local organic shop at the bottom of our hill, Taste Nature. Our milk and cream comes from a local farm and is unpasteurised and non-homogenised. Our toothbrushes are biodegradable and we reuse packaging as much as possible. We eat a predominantly vegetarian diet, and grow what we can in our garden.

Make a cup of bowerbird love tea and have a peruse - if you try any of the recipes or have any suggestions, you're welcome to leave us a comment..


title from sarah humphreys - happiness is on this hill


  1. Hello there! Maitland Street sounds delightful. x

  2. Hello G & J, lovely to meet you. There is nothing poorly at all about your photography! Thanks G for your comment over at my blog. Now I know you are here I look forward to following along and watching your blog grow. Can't wait for more! I'll add you to my Friday links next week. Happy weekend to you x

  3. What a beautiful, well thought out space you have here.

  4. Girls, you have created a truly beautiful space here. I will be returning often, promise x