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October 15, 2012

every day seems a little longer | october 12 playlist

Music is a big part of our kitchen. We plug our iPods into the speakers and listen to music that makes menial tasks like washing two sinks worth of dishes bearable - even pleasant. When I have the kitchen to myself I sometimes risk putting my whole iPod on shuffle - it can be very hit and miss! Here are some of our favourites over October.

1. kings of convenience - homesick
2. billy bragg & wilco - listening to the wind that blows
3. modest mouse - the world at large
4. bright eyes - lua
5. belle & sebastian - this is just a modern rock song
6. the mountain goats - broom people
7. buddy holly - every day
8. the falls - home
9. london symphony orchestra - ombra mai fu
10. feist - i feel it all
11. studio ghibli soundtrack - merry-go-round of life (howl's moving castle)
12. grizzly bear - all we ask
13. the white buffalo - love song #1
14. sarah humphreys - happiness is on this hill
15. paleo - world's smallest violin
16. hope sandoval & the warm inventions - around my smile
17. iron & wine - flightless bird, american mouth
18. wilco - she's a jar
19. xavier rudd - paper thin
20. hirini melbourne - te kopere (the rainbow)


title from buddy holly - every day. photograph taken in varanasi, january 2012

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  1. i love finding new music, i already know and love some of these songs, so was very excited to find some new tunes. thanks